Unwanted Telemarketing–Junk Faxes, Texts & Calls

Have you received junk faxes, texts, robo calls or collection calls on your cell phone, even though you did not give out your number? You may have had your rights violated. Fortunately, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was enacted to protect individuals and businesses from receiving such unsolicited telemarketing efforts.

The TCPA restricts advertisers from using automatic calling systems, recorded voice messages (robo calls), fax messages or from sending text messages to cell phones. Even in the event you have an account with a particular business, they still need your consent to contact your cell phone. If you have been receiving communications from random advertisers, an experienced consumer rights attorney can help you file a lawsuit for violations of the TCPA.

In matters involving violations of the TCPA, individuals are entitled to recover as much as $500 to $1,500 for each violation, or the actual monetary loss, whichever is higher.

The Marshall Law Firm is well equipped to fight TCPA violations. Whether it is a collection agency or solicitor sending you countless faxes or texts or making or making in person or robo calls at inconvenient times, we will protect your consumer rights and help you determine your legal options. It is important in these matters to keep any junk faxes, texts or voicemail messages to use as evidence for your case. Let us help you stop unwanted solicitation.

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