Employer Obtained Credit Report

Has An Employer Obtained Your Credit Score?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is designed to protect consumers from variety of credit-related issues, even in the context of getting a job.

Many employers conduct background checks on potential employees, which may include a credit check. They are, however, required to notify you if this is part of their screening process. You may have a legal cause of action if:

  • The employer failed to disclose that it obtained your credit report
  • You were not hired or have suffered any other adverse action due to errors on your credit report
  • The report was falsely obtained or viewed by an unauthorized party

An employer must notify you before its use of a background report to give you an opportunity to dispute any errors. If you were not hired based on the report, the employer must provide you with a copy of that report. If there are errors on the report, and you previously asked a credit reporting agency to correct them, the credit reporting agency may also be liable.

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