Unfair Business Practices

Holding Companies Accountable

Most companies follow the law and give their customers a fair shake, but some do not. When a company engages in fraud or unfair business practices, it can do great damage to the average person.  Maybe you bought a product that does not work as intended, or maybe you are being harassed about a debt. Have you paid hidden fees or false charges?  If you feel you have been wronged by a company, the Marshall Law Firm is dedicated to ensuring your rights are protected. The Marshall Law Firm handles both individual claims and class actions in an effort to keep companies honest, and to make sure you receive fair treatment under the law.

Examples of Unfair Business Practices

The term “unfair and fraudulent business practices” covers a broad range of conduct.  The Marshall Law Firm has experience handling all types, including:

  • Product Misrepresentations or Omissions
  • Defective Products
  • Failure to Honor Warranty
  • Credit Report Issues
  • Debt Collection
  • Auto Fraud and Lemon Law

Some examples of the Marshall Law Firm’s work alleging unfair business practices include:

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