Did Your Real Estate Agent Buy Your House?

The Marshall Law Firm is looking into real estate agents who purchase their clients’ homes. Most real estate agents understand and honor the duties they owe to their homeowner clients when representing them in a home sale. Some, however, breach those duties.

If a real estate agent bought your home before listing it or placing it on the market, that agent may have breached his duty to you. Real estate agents owe clients a duty to advise about any important facts which may affect the seller’s decision to sell. They also have a duty to place the client’s interests before their own. When a real estate agent offers to purchase a home from a client before listing or offering the home on the open market, the agent’s objective is often to turn the house around for a profit. I many cases, that creates a conflict and results in a breach of the real estate agent’s duty.

If you or someone you know sold your home to your own real estate agent, you may be entitled to collect the profits the agent made at a later sale. Contact the Marshall Law Firm at 925-575-7105 or submit your complaint on line here.